Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Intensive Traditional Progression

Joey Milles
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Video based course with Joey Miles is intended for

  • experienced Ashtanga practitioners who already know postures in Primary series and where they are in the sequence.
  • those who want to explore possibilities, ways to work deeper and with more refinement, to allow really get in touch with what is going on during the practice.
  • those that are happy to practice in a Mysore style (not led), probably with a frequency expectation of four times a week or more. If you are practising less than this, you may have difficulty finding the time to carry out the homework and integrate it into your practice.

We have taken the lead from the way Ashtanga was traditionally taught, one posture at a time, and devised a course that really goes deeply into each posture and allows you the time to get to grips with it before you start refining the next one.

Every posture in the Primary Series, as well as the Finishing Sequence, has an associated lesson with videos on the vinyasa, detail and homework. There are 44 lessons in total with over 130 videos spread between them.

There are also additional lessons interspersed throughout the course on topics such as breath, bandha, opening tight areas, drishti, and the vinyasa count.

This is ‘Traditional ‘ version of the course which will take probably close to eight months to complete because you only get one new posture a week (very occasionally one or two more). In this way, you proceed on a pose by pose basis with the idea of allowing yourself the time to try out, process, and integrate the lessons into your daily practice.

We are managing the temptation to rush ahead for you. It will be better if you watch the videos before you start that week’s yoga practice. We have created a private Facebook group so that you may feel part of a collective experience and interact with Joey and myself as well as others on the course.

Introduction from Joey Miles

Is It The Right Course For Me?

Below is a little checklist that might help you decide if you are ready for the course. If you associate yourself more with ones of the ‘Prerequisite‘ go ahead with watching the Free Sample Lesson and decide.


  • Have been doing Primary Series regularly for 1 or more years
  • Want to go deeper in the practice
  • Have time to try out homework
  • Have space to practice with video
  • Open minded to changing the way you do things
  • Practice 4 or more times per week
Potential Obstacles

  • Beginner to Ashtanga
  • Don’t want to change the way you do postures
  • No time to do homework
  • No space to try things out
  • Have an aversion to props
  • Not a detail person
  • Poor student with barely enough money to eat!

Free Lesson To Try

Here is a Free Sample Lesson on Utthita Trikonasana that you can try out before you decide.

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