Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series Intensive Traditional Progression

Joey Milles
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We have had such good feedback on the Primary series course so we have used the same model to create an Intermediate series version.

This course is intended for:

  • established primary series practitioners to start to sensibly explore the intermediate series, or
  • students already practising intermediate series to work on refinement and detail.

The course contains 180 Videos spread over 33 Lessons. Everything you need to know in order to have a more informed and deeper practice. Each posture is broken down with videos on the vinyasa, the detail and homework if necessary.

This is ‘Traditional ‘ version of the course which will take probably close to eight months and you only get one posture a week. Each week a new lesson with all the associated videos will be unlocked. Once a lesson is unlocked you will always be able to go back to it. There is just a control on you going forward so that you are not tempted to rush and do the homework.

Introduction from Joey Miles

Is This Course Right For Me?

The postures in the Ashtanga Intermediate Series can be extremely challenging, so you may need to spend several weeks or months even on the same posture. By no means is the idea that you race through the postures. Just remember to take it slow, there is no need to progress to a new posture each week. Go at the speed that is right for you and also stop when you feel that you have met your potential at this time.

Free Lesson To Try

If you haven’t done the On-Line Primary Series Intensive you can try this Free Sample lesson to make sure you can view OK on your chosen device and get an idea of the layout and format. Click on the image when you are ready for the free lesson on Krounchasana.

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